James Bond Premium



This is the Premium Edition game.  It is in stock and available NOW. 

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James Bond Premium

This is a chance to own a new James Bond Premium Edition Pinball Machine.

This game is full of features, ramps and excitement.  It is based on the older James Bond movies.

The following is from the International Pinball Database:



Dr. NO (James Bond 007 Pro Edition)

Stern Pinball, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois,
USA (1999-now) [Trade Name: Stern]

Date Of Manufacture: October, 2022
MPU: Stern SPIKE™ 2 System
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site)
Theme: Licensed Theme – Spy Adventure
Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (2), Slingshots (2), Standup targets (8), Vertical Up-kicker (1), 3-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out hole (1), Spinning target (1), Scoop (1), Up-post in right inlane, Action button on lockdown barMultiball.

Powder-coated black wrinkle-finish side armor, hinges, front lockdown molding, and legs. Plastic molded bottom arch. A translite is used instead of a backglass.

Number of pinballs installed: 6

Toys: Rocket and gantry
Aston Martin DB5 miniature automobile
Design by: George Gomez
Art by: Kevin O’Connor
Notes: The manufacturer refers to the Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition versions collectively as “James Bond 007” in their advertisements. However, and as a departure from previous models, Stern assigned each version a unique game name for the backglass and cabinet as follows:

Pro Edition is ‘DR. NO’
Premium Edition is You Only Live Twice
Limited Edition is Thunderball

Ian Fleming’s 1958 novel Dr. No featured the British Secret Service Agent James Bond. His code number was 007. It was made into a Hollywood movie in 1962.

The name “Dr. No” is shown stylized on theatrical movie posters and on this pinball machine as ‘DR. NO’.



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