Jumping Jack Pinball Machine



The Jumping Jack pinball game is the same as Jack in the Box, except it’s a two player pinball instead of a four, so you get the same amount of fun for a cheaper price!


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Jumping Jack Pinball Machine

The Genesis Pinball Machine is a was made in 1986 by Gottlieb

This game was designed by Ed Krynski

The art was created by Gordon Morison


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Jumping Jack Pinball Machine Flyer

4 Flippers provide shots from all angles.

10 Drop Targets in one row score specials or shoot-again feature when all are knocked down.

Each Target down boosts bonus value by 100 or 1000 points.

2 Kick-out Holes when lit scores 3000 points and lights 10X bonus.

Reset Targets score 500 points.

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