Mars Trek Pinball Machine



It’s simple but very quick, so don’t pass on this beautifully painted and exciting pinball!

The Mars Trek pinball has different high scoring possibilities that give you some diversity while playing. It also has a multiball that you can activate when you get the BONUS score up to 50,000 points! Play it again and again and you’ll see just how compelling this pinball is to play!


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Mars Trek Pinball Machine

The Mars Trek Pinball Machine is an outer space themed pinball game made in 1977 by Segasa d.b.a. Sonic


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Mars Trek Pinball Machine Flyer


In this pinball you can score big by lighting up the letters when you hit the targets of them

Spelling out MARS or TREK you can score 10,000 points for each one, and if you spell out both of them you will light up the special. But you can also shoot for a bonus of 50,000 points!

One of the more interesting features of this game is its unique, European layout. Mars Trek’s original flyer lists some of the game’s additional special features.


  • Making targets “E” & “K” lites Double Bonus.

  • Making targets “MARS” will score 10,000 points.

  • Making targets “TREK” center target will score 10,000 points.

  • Making “MARS TREK” will light SPECIAL.

  • When Bonus score is at 50,000 points EXTRA BALL will light.

  • Passing ball thru semi-circular lane when lit will give EXTRA BALL.


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