Meteor Pinball Machine



Stern worked with the creators of the 1979 movie ‘Meteor’ to cultivate a pinball with the movie’s space theme in it.

It has a special rocket bonus alignment and many other ways to score special, so have fun trying to reach them all! And with many drop targets, a spinner to hit, and a great game flow you have an absolute winner in Meteor that beats most other older pinballs.




Meteor Pinball Machine

The Meteor Pinball Machine by Stern was created in conjunction with the movie that featured Sean Connery, and distributed it within the year of ‘Meteor’ coming out in 1979!  It features background sound that increases in pitch the longer you keep the ball in play which adds excitement to the game.  It features lots of drop targets and a high scoring spinner.

This game is in very nice condition.

This game was designed by Steve Kirk

The software was created by Alan McNeil

The artwork was done by Leslie Kaip, Jorge Obregon

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Meteor Pinball Machine Flyer


With an impeccable memory the pinball will store your progress with the drop targets when playing with others, and when it comes your turn again it restores it!

When you hit all of the targets you will unlock a bonus multiplier and more!


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