Millionaire Pinball Machine



What a fun and simple pinball to be able to play!

Become a millionaire and unlock the wheel of riches to make even more! There are plenty of multi-ball lock ups and with such a straightforward gameplay it can be a blast for any pinball lover. It also has a unique skill shot feature.


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Millionaire Pinball Machine

The Millionaire Pinball Machine is a rich pinball game that was created in 1987 by Williams

This game was designed by Jerry Armstrong

The artwork was done by Tim Elliott


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Millionaire Pinball Machine Flyer


This pinball will dazzle you with its posh and precious artwork

You can unlock a multi-ball mode and if you can lock two of them up, you can play for emerald, ruby and diamond payoffs!




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