Police Force Pinball Machine



This game looks like it is home use only, it is beautiful.  The artwork on the cabinet is faded, but the playfield looks awesome.

How much do you enjoy high score numbers on a pinball? This one gives you the chance to make an unlimited amount of million point shots!

With animals instead of humans as the main characters of Police Force, this game adds whimsy to its challenge with a simple set of rules that make it easy to understand and enjoy. Added with that is the beautiful artwork done by Python Anghelo, John Youssi and you have yourself a fun and addictive pinball to play!

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Police Force Pinball Machine

The Police Force Pinball Machine is a police themed pinball game made in 1989 by Williams

This game was designed by Mark Ritchie, Barry Oursler

The software was created by Bill Pfutzenreuter


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Police Force Pinball Machine Flyer


The multi ball play in this pinball is awesome!

The squad car will leave the headquarters once it is loaded!


This pinball is the first to give you the chance to take the highest person’s score in a multiplayer game.

You should test your limits with this pinball using the center ramp to rack up to unlimited million point scoring.


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