Rush Premium Pinball Machine (In Stock!)



We all like to listen to music while we play games, so isn’t it nice that with Rush the music aspect is all taken care of for you?

With lights that match the beat of the music, there’s no denying the amount work that was put into making Rush an incredible pinball! It has just come out this year, so not many people have had the privilege of playing it just yet. Take this opportunity to get the Rush pinball before someone else beats you to it!


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Rush Premium Pinball Machine

The Rush Pinball Machine is a newly made Rock themed pinball game featuring the band Rush made in 2022 by Stern.  This game is available now and in stock.  It has all of the features of the limited edition game.  It is a used game that was in a Barcade for a short time.  We have refurbished it and looks and plays great.

This game was designed by John Borg


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Rush Pinball Machine Flyer


With 16 of Rush’s most iconic songs playing to matching light movement, you’ll get two different sensations in one! Playing a pinball and enjoying the feeling of being at concert!

Rush has a custom sculpted electromagnetic time machine ball lock, a ‘dead end’ vertical upkicker, the spirit of radio optical spinning target, and so much more to give you a good time and a challenge!

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