Silverball Mania Pinball Machine



A pinball machine with the Silverball as the theme.

A classic pinball machine from 1980.


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Silverball Mania Pinball Machine for Sale

This pinball themed pinball machine was built in 1980  by popular pinball machine maker Bally. This pinball machine was designed by  Jim Patla who designed many Bally pinballs.  The artwork was done by Kevin O’Connor who did many Bally pinball machines in this time period.

This game has other unique features for it’s time.

It has a center loop which adds to the bonus multiplier and adds a letter to your bonus.  This feature was also used on the Space Invaders pinball.

It has a disappearing kicker between the flippers and when lit it kicks the ball back to play between the flippers

It has a carryover feature on the backglass to complete the letters of Silverball for a special bonus.  This feature was also used on 8 Ball Deluxe.


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