Simpsons Pinball Party Machine



This game is home use only, it has never been commercially operated.  It’s in like new condition.

A perfect blend of the music and callouts with the pinball’s overall theme, the Simpson’s Pinball Party is all fun and color!

There are a lot of scattered about toys and yet they don’t make the game confusing. With so many ways to score big and such an obvious and fun theme you can never get tired of it!

One of the most successful and popular pinball machines ever made.



The Simpsons Pinball Party Machine

The Simpsons Pinball Machine is a Simpsons themed pinball game made in 2003 by Stern

This game was designed by Keith P. Johnson, Joe Balcer

The software was created by Keith P. Johnson, Dwight Sullivan




Information From the Original Simpsons Pinball Party Machine Flyer


This pinball has the first ever trip-color information display in it

There is Homer’s voice and head that moves and lights up for Simpson fun! You can also hit the captive ball and get Bart going with his skateboard!



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