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Sorcerer Pinball Machine

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Once the SORCERER is challenged, his special power proves to be a mighty force that must be recokoned with! The playfield embodies his very being and his penetrating stare cannot be avoided. Following every move, his glad intensifies with game play and hypnotizes as he speaks! There can be no doubt. The SORCERER is a creature who cannot be denied!

multi-ball magic

The ramp leads the way to multi-ball play! Following it up and over the 1st time locks the ball; the 2nd time starts multi-ball play as the SORCERER threatens “Feel my power!”. During multi-ball when 2 balls are in play, shooting the ramp advances the playfield multiplier 2x, 3x, 5x!

taking it to the 3-bank

“Well done, mortal”. Meager praise from the SORCERER as the player completes the 3-bank drop target to light a flipper return lane, earn the flashing value and spot the lot value, extra ball or bonus holdover!

Note: A portion of the topĀ of the playfield has been repainted black.


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