Straight Flush Pinball Machine



A classic card theme Machine!

A classic Williams pinball from 1970.  A very fun pinball machine that you can have play 3 or 5 balls per player. All you poker players may enjoy the playfield artwork with a spinner in the middle. It also has the possibility to activate the up post between the flippers so you canplay longer and earn more points!



Straight Flush Pinball Machine for Sale

This Card themed pinball machine was first built in 1970 by popular pinball machine maker Williams. This pinball machine was designed by Norm Clark, who designed many Williams pinball machines in that time period like Paddock, Klondike and many more,  The artwork was done by Christian Marche.

This game has some great features.

It has 3 ways to win an extra ball and you can win more than 1 extra ball on the same ball.

You can get 3 jokers, all 5 cards on the top lanes, and there is a return lane to the top that scores an extra ball when lit.

The bumpers have been upgraded to DC to have very fast action

It is a replay game where you can add balls so you can win more than 1 free ball at a time.


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