Teed Off Pinball Machine



This game is very entertaining.  It’s like you are playing a game based on Caddyshack.  There is a little gopher on top of the head that moves and has some very funny callouts.



Teed Off Pinball Machine

The Teed Off Pinball Machine is a golfing/gopher themed pinball game made in 1993 by Gottlieb.

This game was designed by Ray TanzerJon Norris

The software was created by Rand Paulin

The artwork was done by Constantino MitchellDavid MooreJeanine Mitchell

This game is a very entertaining game to play.  It features a gopher on top of the head and it teases you as you play.  It has multiball modes, and a roulette wheel on the bottom.  Lots of ramps and things to shoot for.  You try to get a hole in 1, and complete the 9 holes.

The pictures shown are of the actual game you can own.  It is not yet refurbished.  Please allow 1 to 2 months for refurbishing.



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