Walking Dead Pro Pinball Machine



Don’t you love horror shows? 


  • Become Part of an Apocalyptic Pinball World Under Glass
  • Bash the “Cell Block C” to Defeat the “Prison” Walkers
  • Shoot the Well to Battle the “Well Walker”
  • Collect Supplies and Play Modes That Take You to Exciting New Experiences
  • Experience AMC’s The Walking Dead Score and Music


  • “Cell Block C” Interactive Prison Building with Mechanically Actuated Target Doors
  • Walker Bash Toy Target Inside “Cell Block C”
  • “Prison” Super Action Playfield Marget
  • “Bicycle Girl” Ramp: Left Ramp Returns Ball to Right Flipper
  • Right Ramp Returns Ball to Left Flipper and Awards Fish Tank or Crossbow Features
  • 3-Bank Drop Targets: Shoot Down Drop Targets to Collect “Supplies”


  • Newly Designed Reliable Illuminated Star Rollover Switches
  • Super Skill Shot Features Star Rollover Switches
  • 3 Pop Bumpers
  • Custom Sculpted Walker Playfield Models by Greg Nicotero–Executive Producer, Director and Special Effects Makeup Designer on the Hit AMC Show The Walking Dead
  • “Well Walker” Animated Bash Toy


  • LED General Illumination (White)
  • Powder Coated Steel and Plywood Backbox with Color Themed T-Molding
  • 2 Stand-Up Targets
  • Counter Accumulates Killed Walkers and Collects Bonus When Ball Drains




Walking Dead Pro Pinball Machine

The Walking Dead Pinball Machine is a like new pinball game based on the famous TV series on AMC.  It was made by Stern in 2014.

The software was done by Lyman F. Sheats Jr.


Information From the Original Walking Dead Pinball Machine Flyer


Ramps and toys. The games has lots of them.  It has the Cell Block C, with a magnet in front of it.  It has Well Walker toy that you hit to start the Well Walker multiball.


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