Xenon Pinball Machine



It was popular when it came out, and the Xenon pinball is still just as much fun today as it was back then!

To overlook this pinball would be a mistake! It has an unforgettable audio and artwork like no other, and has held its value in gameplay for the last 40 years that it has existed. With an incredible attention to detail, this 80’s sci-fi theme is right on point with the ramp, spinner, top kickout, multiball and more, Xenon will leave a lasting entertainment to whoever is lucky enough to own one!

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Xenon Pinball Machine

The Xenon Pinball Machine is a 70’s sci-fi themed pinball game made in 1980 by Bally

This game was designed by Greg Kmiec

The software was created by Rehman Merchant

The artwork was done by Paul Faris

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase! Xenon Pinballs usually have very worn playfields due to their popularity, however this one has an exceptionally nice, low-usage playfield!!!


Information From the Original Xenon Pinball Machine Flyer


With the first ramp, first game to have speech, and first female voice for all of the audio Xenon sets itself apart. The powerfully enticing voice guiding you through the game assures that you’re never alone or bored!

It has all kinds of multipliers and skillshots, along with ramps to keep you invested and challenge you to make the highest score!


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