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Blazing Angels Arcade Game

The Blazing Angels is a deluxe flight simulator where you are a fighter pilot in World War 2.

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Blazing Angels Arcade Game

Here is a deluxe arcade game with a big 43″ TV.  It’s a WWII simulator complete with seat and flight stick.  The graphics are very realistic.  This game was made by Global VR in 2013.  The player can be a fighter pilot in 6 World War 2 campaigns, easy, medium or hard.  The battle locations include Africa, Pearl Harbor, Midway, London, Rabaul and Ardenes.

The pictures shown are of the actual game being sold.

This is a large game the dimensions are 40″ wide x 79″ deep

The following is from the Arcade Museum:

Name: Blazing Angels-Squadrons Of WWII
Developer: Global VR

Year: 2008
Type: Videogame


  • Orientation:
  • Type:
  • CRT: Color

Gameplay: Single
Control Panel Layout: Single Player
Cabinet Styles:

  • Upright/Standard


An air combat simulator where the player pilots a WWII fighter plane to battle enemy aircraft in six different WWII campaigns including London, Africa, Pearl Harbor, Rabaul and Ardennes. If the player beats a medium or hard scenario, there will be a bonus level, Berlin.

Other machines made by Global VR during the time period Blazing Angels-Squadrons Of WWII was produced include Need For Speed Carbon, Sky Bandits, Justice League Heroes United, Twisted Nitro Stunt Racing, NASCAR Team Racing, Global VR Classics, America’s Army, Paradise Lost, Puck Off, and EA Sports NASCAR Racing.


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