Here is a Pacman Arcade game for sale. A true arcade classic, and one of the most popular games of all time! This Pacman arcade game is in the original cabinet with touched up artwork!

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Here is a Pacman Arcade game for sale.  Pacman has won it’s way into history as one of the most iconic arcade games ever created. One of those original cabinets can be  yours!  This classic arcade game is sold in the original cabinet with original side art, touched up by our professional art restoration department. This game includes an original Pacman PCB circuit board and fully working joysticks and buttons!

The single most popular game of all time, Pac-Man spawned several lines of merchandise and a Saturday morning animated series on ABC that lasted two seasons from 1982 to 1984. There was even a primetime animated Christmas special called Christmas Comes To PacLand. Pac-Man was born from a pan of pizza with one slice missing, as Toru Iwatani of Namco, tried to think of a character for his new game. At first, called Puckman, it was changed due to the fact that the middle section of the P could be scratched away to make the name into an expletive. Atari actually turned down the North American rights deeming the game too easy. As many machines as Bally’s manufactured, clean original Pac-Man arcade games are still quite rare and high in demand.

Featured in Arcade! An Historical Guide to Arcade Machines Vol. 1: Page 300; Arcade Treasures: Page 108; Encyclopedia of Arcade Video Games: Page 97; Arcade Fever: Page 56. Made in 1980.

  1. Midway. Standard, Upright Cabinet. Non-Commercial Use from Original Owner. Measures 24.75 x 68x 33.25″.