• 4-player
  • 25″ cabinet with black sides.

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X-Men Arcade Game

Produced by Konami in 1992 and based on the popular comic series, the X-Men arcade game is a side-scrolling fighter game that’s tons of fun to play solo and with your friends. Choose between some of the comic’s most famous characters, like: Storm, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine and Dazzler.


All playable characters are controlled with 8-way joysticks and three buttons to attack, jump or use a mutant power. Using mutant powers to fight the baddies that populate the streets can be extremely effective, however  the use of these powers comes at a high cost to playersthree health points per use. To prevent players from accidentally ending their own games, mutant powers cannot be used once a player’s health drops to four or lower.


Starting at the beginning of the X-men arcade game, the players’ objective is simply to prevent Magneto from wrecking havoc against humans who have gotten in his way. Your six heroes are tasked with fighting their way through an army of Sentinels, along with notable super villains from the X-Men series: The White Queen, Juggernaut, Mystique, Living Monotlith, Nimrod, Wendigo, Blob and Pyro. Later in the game, Professor X and Kitty Pride are kidnapped by Magneto, forcing the six heroes of the game to lead the charge and rescue them both. After fighting their way through wave after wave of enemies, the final battle is waged on Island M, in Magneto’s base on Asteroid M.








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