Austin Powers Pinball Machine by Stern



The Movie theme Machine!

This game is in like new condition.  It is home use only and has only 1500 plays.




Austin Powers Pinball Machine for Sale

This Movie themed pinball machine was built in 2001 by popular pinball machine maker Stern. This pinball machine was designed by the Lonnie D. Ropp who designed many Stern pinballs.  This game features the actual voice of Mike Myers saying things from the movies.  It has some comical modes like Fat Bastard multiball, which you start by shooting the ball into the toilet 4 times,  It has several modes, that are started by hitting the shot 4 times.  It also has a Mojo Multiball feature where Austin Powers rises up from the middle of the playfield and you try to hit him. It has a time machine that has a magnet that holds the ball and throws it backward into the ramp.  It has a mini me spinner and a ball launcher.




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