Black Knight Premium Pinball Machine



Not a game to sleep on!

If you are a fan of the original Black Knight Pinballs you’ll definitely enjoy Stern’s newer version, but if you’ve never played the original- don’t worry this version is a great pin all by itself! With great ratings due to its upper playfield and amazing visuals as well as a challenging and fun gameplay, you’ll be addicted to the Black Knight Pinball faster than you can buy it!

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Black Knight Premium Pinball Machine

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The Black Knight Pinball Machine was made in 2019 by Stern

This game was designed by Steve Ritchie

The software was created by Tim SextonCorey StupBrett RubinMike KyzivatWaison ChengMark GuidarelliTanio KlyceLyman F. Sheats Jr.

The artwork was done by Kevin O’ConnorDave LinkHarrison DrakeDanai KittivathanaGeorge Gomez

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase! 


Information From the Original Black Knight Pinball Machine Flyer


Battle the Black Knight and his legions, interact with a custom Black Knight toy with a spinner flail and power shield and listen to the original voice of Steve Ritchie as you play the unbeatable fun that is Black Knight Pinball

It also has a magna-save magnet near the right drain to save the ball by pressing the RGB fire button in the front molding

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