Cactus Jacks Pinball Machine



You’re gonna want to keep trying on this game, because there is a simple yet interesting gameplay.

It has a cool and wacky theme that works very well altogether. The artwork is done with little fear of choreography that shows through! It has cowboys, fruit people and its full of color!


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Cactus Jacks Pinball Machine

The Cactus Jacks Pinball was created in 1991 by Gottlieb

This game was designed by Reinhard Bangerter, Jon Norris

The software was created by Allen Edwall


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Cactus Jacks Pinball Machine Flyer


With vibrant and colorful art, brilliant lights and great speech sound you will become very invested in this 90’s pinball.

It plays fun country-rock music and gives you the opportunity to activate the multi-ball!



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