Flash Pinball Machine



The Flash Pinball Machine is an all time classic

A true history maker in the world of pinball, because Steve Ritchie has invented a great many new attributes for pinball that are so good that a lot of them are still used for modern designs today! The two designed for this pinball were background sounds and flash lamps that added to its allure and made it so popular when it came out.

With a good flow and plenty of skill shots to make, you do not want to skip this amazing pinball.


Flash Pinball Machine

The Flash Pinball Machine is a basketball themed pinball game made in 1978 by Williams

This game was designed by Steve Ritchie and it was his first design for Williams, and one of their most successful games ever!

The software was created by Randy Pfeiffer


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Flash Pinball Machine Flyer


With bonus after bonus to score, you will be continuously enjoying your time when playing this pinball.

This is a expeditious pinball to play and you can score 50,000 points with the Super Flash, which also activates the claps of thunder and lightning!

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