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Fun House Pinball Machine for Sale

This movie themed pinball machine was built in 1994 by popular pinball machine maker Williams. This pinball machine was designed by Pat Lawlor who designed many Bally and Williams pinballs like Earthshaker, Whirlwind, Addams Family and many others.  The software Larry DeMar,& Brian Eddy  

This is highly collectable pinball machine.  It features Rudy, the ventriloquist dummy head.  He heckles the player.  His eyes follow the ball.  You try to hit him, and when multiball is ready you hit the ball into his mouth.  When you get multiball, he spits the ball out of his mouth.  This game has an additional ball shooter on the left side for a skill shot into the Crazy Steps where you can light Extra Ball, get 500,000 points, or light Frenzy,  that you enable by spelling out steps.  This is the first Williams pinball to use the WPC circuit boards.  The game has several modes.  It has a trap door that you shoot it into for Jackpots.

This game features 3 flippers, and as with many of Pat Lawlors games the jackpot must be achieved with the top flipper.



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