Mariner Pinball Machine



A pinball machine with the ocean as the theme.

A classic pinball machine from 1971.


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Mariner Pinball Machine for Sale

This Ocean themed pinball machine was built in 1971  by popular pinball machine maker Bally.    This pinball machine was designed by Ted Zale who designed many Bally pinballs including Fireball, 4 Million BC and many others in the 60’s and 70’s  The artwork was done by Christian Marche who did many Bally, Williams and Chicago Coin pinball machines in this time period.  This is a 4 player electro-mechanical pinball machine.  It has bells as the sound effects.

This game has other unique features for it’s time.

A kickout hole on the top to score bonus

It has a swirly lane on the left side that light different features

It has a lamp post which was used on many older mechanical pinball machines

It has a mystery catch a flash bonus

There is a kickback lane that scores the bonus


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