Metallica Pinball Machine (JAP)



Are you really the biggest Metallica fan or not?

This game brings together two way different worlds and combines them beautifully. Classic rock meets pinball with twelve original music tracks, the Metallica logos and rock theme and exceptional overall dots and animation that was done by Mark Galvez, Tom Kyzivat, Jack Liddon, Kelly Mazurowski, Rory O’Donnell, Scott Melchionda

You can truly find an enjoyable experience with a straightforward and still intricate pinball game like this!


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Metallica Pinball Machine

The Metallica Pinball Machine was created by Stern in 2013

This game was designed by John Borg

The software was created by Lyman F. Sheats Jr., Lonnie D. Ropp, Mike Kyzivat


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Metallica Pinball Machine Flyer


There are twelve classic music tracks when you’re playing this pinball that never get old.

There are all kinds of fun and unique features to Metallica Pinball as well such as a guitar pick up stand target, an electric chair stand up target, a grave marker ball magnet and so much more!


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