Upper Deck Baseball Pinball



Don’t be mistaken by the pinball appearance on the outside of this game, because it is all about baseball

We can touch up the cabinet and make it nice for an extra $1000

You can play by yourself or with someone else if you want to.

There are men in the back glass that run the bases, and at random this game will throw different pitches that you have to try and hit, and potentially score enough to be able to earn extra innings for your game. You want to try and hit grand slams in order to obtain the extra innings!




Upper Deck Baseball Game

Upper Deck is a purely baseball oriented pinball game made by Williams in 1973

There were 1,250 Upper Deck pinballs created


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Upper Deck Pinball Machine Flyer


When playing this pinball game, you have the opportunity to play a baseball game in a field and earn points!

There are 3 outs per inning

“Variety of pitches and crowd pleasing sounds”



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