Wizard! Pinball Machine



So colorful and old fashioned, yet not anything other than a classic!

Make sure to look into this vibrant pinball. It is not only collectible worthy because of the theme, but it is packed with many fun features! There are flip flags, pop bumpers, and more so don’t miss out on a good time pinball like this!  This game is in very good condition.

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Wizard! Pinball Machine

The Wizard! Pinball Machine was created in 1975 by Bally

This game was designed by Greg Kmiec

The art was created by Dave Christensen


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Wizard! Pinball Machine Flyer


With flip flags that do more than just give you a double bonus, you may find this pinball to give you more than double incentive to play as well.

You can also up the scores with the spinner gates when they are lit!


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