WrestleMania Pinball



There is so much to this crazy cool Limited Edition Pinball!

As many fans can agree, having a pinball based off of your dream show is awesome. The fact that its limited edition is even better.

This pinball even has a a signed plaque by Hulk Hogan himself!

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WrestleMania Pinball Machine

The WrestleMania pinball was created by Stern in 2015

This game was designed by John TrudeauWaison Cheng

The software was created by several people, Waison ChengLonnie D. RoppJack BensonMike KyzivatDwight SullivanChuck Ernst

The art itself was done by Kevin O’Connor


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original WrestleMania Pinball Machine Flyer


This game has a limited edition Legends of WrestleMania backglass

It was made just a few years ago, so it has many newer pinball features!

It has an actual signature of Hulk Hogan

Are You a WrestleMania Fan?

Wen you play this pinball there are songs you will recognize from the show!

There are easy to follow rules when you’re just starting, but game masters don’t worry it still has plenty of depth

It also gold powder coated legs


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