X-Files Pinball Machine | Supernatural X-Files Pinball Game by Sega



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X-Files Pinball Machine

If you’re a fan of the supernaturalĀ and a fan of pinball, take a look at Vintage Arcade Superstore’sĀ X-Files pinball machine. This particular pinball machine was produced by Sega and released in 1997. The game’s design was done by Rob Huratado, with sound and music by Brian Schmidt. The collectable artwork featured in the the backglass was illustrated by Morgan Weistling.

This beautiful game also includes high-quality prop replicas on the playfield: “Erlenmeyer Flask” Alien Baby, Flukeman with a direction diverter, Descending File Cabinet with a ball detector and a trap door. Lock the ball inside the Descending File Cabinet and it will move down.

The X-Files pinball machine is a real score for fanatics, and even includes a trivia mode that challenges players on their knowledge of the hit series.


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