Uphold the law in this fun police-chase game! You play Officer Bob who is on a mission to catch wanted criminals, pull over speeders, and eat donuts! Make sure you meet your arrest quota!

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Here is a APB Arcade game for sale. The overhead view of Officer Bob’s police car scrolls in every direction. Catch wanted criminals and force them to confess. Eat doughnuts for extra time, avoid demerits and be sure to meet your quota of arrests!

The cabinet looks like a police patrol car and the top marquee is a red/blue light bar that flashes when you push the siren button. A simple platform seat can be attached to the cabinet to make a sit-down type game.

Atari Games, the A.P.B. maker, released 87 different machines starting in 1984. Other machines made by Atari Games during the time period A.P.B. was produced include RBI Baseball, Xybots, Atari R.B.I. Baseball, Road Blasters, Blasteroids, Rolling Thunder, 720 Degrees, Super Sprint, Championship Sprint, and Gauntlet II.

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