Q*Bert, designed and programmed by Warren Davis with graphics by Jeff Lee and sounds by David Thiel, remains one of the most popular among collectors of original video arcade games.

Manufacturer Gottlieb, was a division of Columbia Pictures, and this game was state of the art, utilizing an Intel processor and a Motorola speech synthesizer, activated randomly at specific pitch. The dedicated upright cabinets include a knocker solenoid that activates whenever a character falls off the pyramid. The effect creates a rather loud knock inside the cabinet like that of older pinball machines to indicate that a free game had been awarded. T

Featured in Arcade Fever: Page 108 FILM: Wreck-It Ralph, Inspired DJ Qbert

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Q*bert Arcade Game

The Q*bert arcade game was developed by Gottlieb and released tofor sale in the United States in 1982.  The tremendous success of Q*bert came

Q*bert is a puzzle/action game

As with many popluar arcade games, the The Q*bert arcade game and released by Gottlieb

The required score for players to recieve an extra life was set by each machine operator machine operators are able to set and change the score required in order for Players to earn an extra life,

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