Fun Fest Pinball Machine



A quick and fun pinball for all around good times

With a cool pop-up bumper between two flippers, and seven bumpers total there is a lot to enjoy with this crazy theme park pinball. This also has Christian Marche “pointy people” artwork like a lot of the other pinballs he has worked on. It’s in great condition, it has very low usage and the art work is very bright and colorful as if it hasn’t aged a minute!

It is taken apart but will be all gone through and fully working/put together before it arrives!




Fun Fest Pinball Machine

The Fun Fest Pinball Machine was made in 1972 by Williams

This game was designed by Norm Clark

The art was created by Christian Marche


Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Fun Fest Pinball Machine Flyer


Swinging targets, pop-up posts, and jumbo flippers!

With the extra ball and out ball bonus features you definitely have many different plays to make and hike your high score up!

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