Jurassic Park Pro Machine



The owner of Vintage Arcade says himself that this may be Sterns best made pinball ever!

The Jurassic Park Pinball has many strong points to its play.   It also has upper flippers and a variety of skill shots that make it impossible to get tired of!


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Jurassic Park Pro

Jurassic Park Pro is a pinball machine based on the widely popular movie series “Jurassic Park.” Rescue park employees and recapture escaped dinosaurs.

The following is from the International Pinball Database:

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Incorporated, of Chicago, Illinois,
USA (1999-now) [Trade Name: Stern]
Date Of Manufacture: August, 2019
Model Number: PINBALL I-00M1 * JURAS. PARK PRO
Common Abbreviations: JPPro
MPU: Stern SPIKE™ 2 System
Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) [?]
Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (IPSND.net)  (External site)
Theme: Licensed Theme – Dinosaurs
Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Up-posts (3), Spinning target (1), Horizontal spinnerNewton ball post. 3 to 6-ball multiball.

Powder coated black wrinkle finish side armor, hinges, front lockdown bar, and legs. Plastic coated bottom arch. A translite instead of a backglassPop bumpers have flat plastic tops, not bumper caps. Decal cabinet artwork.

Toys: T-Rex head (does not move)
4-wheel vehicle (horizontal spinner)
Design by: Keith Elwin
Art by: Jonathan Bergeron
Dots/Animation by: Chuck Ernst
Mechanics by: Harrison Drake
Music by: Jerry Thompson
Sound by: Jerry Thompson
Software by: Rick Naegele
Notes: The game pictured in the manufacturer’s flyer for this model (and which was noted as subject to change) shows a powder-coated steel bottom arch but Stern informed us that the Pro model was produced with a plastic molded bottom arch, as indicated in their Features Matrix.

Factory accessories for optional purchase (see Files section):
Shooter Knob (simulated mosquito in amber)
Inside Art blades
Side Armor


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