Red Baron Pinball Machine



Fly those scores up high with this pinball created in the 1970’s

There are drop targets, bumpers, a kick-out hole, and the opportunity to win an extra ball!


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Red Baron Pinball Machine

The Red Baron Pinball Machine is a pinball with an adventure-combat theme

The art on this game was done by Lloyd Rognan

This game was designed by Jerry KociAlbin Peters, and Wendell McAdams

Note: These are photos of the actual game you can purchase!


Information From the Original Red Baron Pinball Machine Flyer

An Original Chicago Coin Game

This game can have up to two players per game

There can be 3 or 5 balls in play per game – your choice!

Put Your Skills to the Test

Light up the A-C-E letters to score yourself an extra ball

There’s double bonus for the last ball!



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