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Road Show Pinball Machine

Williams released This particular pinball machine in October of 1994. The machine, also known as Red & Ted’s Road Show, is a widebody pinball and includes 4 flippers, two manual plungers, a shaker motor and two talking heads (Red and Ted respectively) that swallow the ball. Vintage Arcade Superstore’s version of the game also includes a full Color DMD Display specifically for the Road Show pinball machine.

Both the voice of “Red” and the songs that the Road Show pinball machine play are done by country singer Carlene Carter. Carter’s song, “Every Little Thing” plays during multiball mode and jackpot mode. “Super Payday” plays during wizard mode. The voice of “Ted” was provided by voice-over artist Tim Kitzrow.

Information from the flyer is as follows:

It’s a big country… Someone’s got to tear it up!

It’s literally California or bust when this “Road Crew from Hell” takes to the highways in a runaway bulldozer. And with two PinMation characters, dual plungers and Carlene Carter as the voice of Red, who wouldn’t want to go along for the ride?

When it comes to wreckin’ road, two heads are better than one.

Hit the road with RED AND TED’S ROADSHOW. You’re guaranteed a good time because Red and Ted are the new, more advanced versions of Williams’ blockbuster PinMation concept and cousins of FunHouse’s Rudy.



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